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Women's Health Initiative Volunteers - 2014

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Current Projects

Our work in Belize began in February 2010 when our team of volunteers refurbished the community health post at Laguna village. We returned later that year to train 12 village community health workers and to install solar electricity to the Laguna clinic. Since then MedicForce has sent a team of volunteers each year. To date we have installed three complete solar power units to community health posts, provided over 1000 hours of healthworker training, built 15 World Health Organization standard pit latrines and developed a women's health initiative for the region.

In 2014, a MedicForce team of women joined forces with Hillside Health Care International for a week of educating the women in the remote villages of the Toledo district. The mission was an absolute success, with 215 women receiving a Pap smear who had never had one in their lives. MedicForce hope to extend this project and work with the Belize Ministry of Health to implement a HPV vaccination program. 

Why build latrines?

Successful healthcare is about breaking the cycle of disease. Many of the communities we work in do not have running water or any means of sanitation. When conducting a health analysis in these communities we often find that there are many cases of diarrhea and sickness. This is usually caused by a contaminated water source. With no toilet facilities, families use the jungle to defecate, animals get into the waste, and then drink at the river, spreading disease into the community water source. By providing pit latrines, we break this cycle of disease.

We are currently working in the extremely remote village of Machakilha, a village with 25 families. Our goal is to build one latrine for each family. We built three in 2013, eleven in 2014, and we plan to build the final eleven  latrines in 2015. All of the community is involved, we train villagers how to build these latrines, creating a sustainable project. Each latrine costs around $500 to build. Sponsor a latrine today!

Why help Belize?

With a population of less than 300,000, resources in Belize are unevenly distributed, particularly in the southern state of Toledo that extends west from the coast towards the Guatemalan border. MedicForce is currently working to help train health workers in those communities in advanced first aid and medical care. Watch the video below:

Proposed Projects

There are so many needs among the villages of the Toledo district.  Since MedicForce doesn't commit to a project until we have raised all the funds to ensure the project will be completed, we have an extensive proposed project list. If you or a group you are involved in want to commit to raising the funds for a certain project, and see it through to completion, MedicForce can help. Contact us today!

Constructing a Sub-Terranean Wetlands system for the school in San Bonito Poite

The remote village of San Bonito Poite is a large community only accessible by 4X4. The community of over 300 are subsistence farmers. The community has a school with over 100 children, three pit latrines serve the entire school. Our proposal is to build an innovative wetlands waste treatment system. We have already sourced the materials and an engineer to build the project. Estimated cost $30,000

Ongoing Healthworker Training for Toledo District
Our benchmark program is Healthworker training. This has the biggest impact on the community’s health and has the biggest impact on sustainable health in the region. Volunteers can join us to participate solely as Healthworker trainers or we operate a student elective and CME program in association with AMA and WMS that focuses on Healthworker training initiatives. 

Installing Composting Latrines in San Benito Poite
MedicForce sees providing proper sanitation as a way of breaking the cycle of disease within developing countries. San Benito Poite is a large community with no sanitation. Our first goal is to provide a composting toilet for the healthpost, after that we hope to train members of the community to build their own toilets with kits we will provide. Estimated cost of the healthpost latrine $2000. Each family latrine kit $750. These latrines are more expensive than pit latrines but are estimated to last twice as long.

Installing running water in Machakila
This is a big project but will change lives forever. After another NGO attempted to install a well and solar powered pump for the community our team identified a spring that runs clear, year round. It’s about a mile away from the village but with the appropriate skills and resources the
project can be completed for an estimated $50,000, not bad for a permanent water source to 25 families.

EMS Level Training for Santa Ana Poly-Clinic

There’s a new road in Toledo, if everything goes to plan this will be a southern boarder between Guatemala and Belize, bringing new trade, jobs and traffic. When the fastest vehicle is a 100cc motorcycle the local clinic are unprepared for the increase in road traffic accidents associated
with fast moving cars and trucks.  MedicForce have been asked to provide EMS training to providers at the clinic. Estimated cost $5,000

Providing solar lanterns for all families in Machakilha

Education is the key to relieving poverty and conflict Worldwide. How can children do their homework when it gets dark at 6pm and there is no electricity in the village? Complete solar systems are expensive but for $10 you can buy a rechargeable solar lantern that lasts up to 7hrs! 
Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have access to the most basic healthcare services. Help us change that!


  Community healthworkers are the first line of care and are responsible for the health education and the well being of communities of up to 300 people with limited supplies and minimum training. MedicForce is working alongside the Belize Ministry of Health to provide essential training in a resource poor environment. It is essential that this training is provided. Community healthworkers are often making life and death decisions when the nearest healthcare facility is often hours away.  MedicForce believes that training and supporting healthworkers is the key to sustainability.  

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