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Belize Tropical Remote Medicine CME/ Student Elective

In order to facilitate sustainable aid projects throughout the World MedicForce trains medical professionals in the important skills and topics necessary to implement localized training initiatives. This is provided through lectures, demonstrations, hands on field trips and clinical practice. The goal of the Belize Tropical Remote Medicine Elective is to provide life-long learning experiences that create awareness and teach practical skills only found when working with limited resources in remote communities. This Elective will also provide the participant with the skills necessary to research, create and facilitate their own project in a remote community. The activities are designed to improve physician competence and awareness of the challenges of rural medicine with the expected results of improved physician performance and patient outcomes. 

Expedition & Mission Trip Preparedness (EMTP) is a specialized program designed by MedicForce professionals based on years of leading expeditions and preparing medical professionals for remote work. This program prepares medical professionals and missionaries to work effectively and safely in challenging environments throughout the World. Whether you’re an experienced international provider or it’s your first time travelling abroad this program has a great deal to offer.


  • Food & nutrition in a resource poor environment
  • SurvIval Skills
  • Strategic Planning for successful/sustainable outcomes
  • Constructing Lesson Plans, workshops, and Scenarios
  • Community Placement​

This learning opportunity counts for 68 WMS, AMA PRA Category 1 credits

Course Objectives: Understand the challenges faced by NGO’s; Develop communication strategies; Identify and treat diseases of poverty; Develop healthcare initiatives; Recognize and treat OBGYN emergencies in a remote setting; Improvised treatment and diagnosis for orthopedic emergencies; Develop and implement sustainable health initiatives.

Key Points of Learning:

  • Program Selection
  • Identifying Needs and Resources
  • Cultural Considerations
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Emergency Evacuations