Zanfel Laboratories, Inc. – Product Description

Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Wash is the only product clinically shown to remove the plant’s toxin, urushiol, anytime after outbreak of the rash.  Zanfel also provides relief from itching in 30 seconds.  For most mild to moderate cases of poison ivy, one application of Zanfel is adequate for each affected area. Zanfel provide their product for donation to Belizian community healthworkers and for all volunteers traveling overseas..

 Please contact us at 800-401-4002 or visit for more information

Clinic Nepal -

Clinic Nepal supports over 50,000 people in Megauli, Chitwan District, Nepal through different projects, holistically providing basic health care, education, livelihoods and more. Under the leadership of founder Hari Bhandary Clinic Nepal services over 30,000 individuals with a humanitarian network helping at least 100 low caste families in the Tarai region of Southern Nepal.
Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS)


Since 1983, when three young physicians conceived the idea for the Wilderness Medical Society, a great deal has been accomplished. Early leaders identified areas of interest that have since become pillars of the curriculum for wilderness medicine education, including CME programs, medical school rotations, outdoor programs and FAWM criteria. In addition to the Society’s annual meeting, it also sponsors topic specific meetings (e.g. Winter Wilderness Medicine and Dive Medicine) and the quadrennial World Congress in Wilderness Medicine. They also have many publications and resources available to their members.

Stonehearth Open Learning Oportunities (SOLO)

The leader in the development of wilderness medicine education since 1976. Offering classes in Wilderness First Aid, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced WEMT, GeoMedic, and more. Classes offered both domestically and internationally. Please visit their website for a complete list of our course offerings including dates and locations.

Partners & Friends of MedicForce

Nantahala Outdoor Center -

It all started on the Nantahala in 1972, with three friends who knew there was something special about this place, and something magical about the time spent in the river, in the hills and on the trails. In the decades since then, the river has seen it all: tens of millions of visitors and smiles. Every year since its founding, NOC has strived to share the wonders of this place, and all the places we raft, hike, pedal and paddle.


AFYA Foundation -

The AFYA Foundation is a non-profit medical supply recovery organization (MSRO). We collect no-longer-needed and still-usable medical and humanitarian supplies from hospitals, nursing homes, corporation and individuals, and ship them in sea cargo containers to our well established partners on the ground in African and Caribbean nations.

The AFYA foundation has helped MedicForce projects in Belize by providing medical equipment for community healthworkers. AFYA are currently helping to outfit our clinic in Kenya. 

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Osiligo Charity Projects -

Osiligi is a volunteer run UK charity, helping relieve poverty in the Maasai areas of Kenya. Not changing the culture and helping Africa help itself are our key objectives. Osiligi projects include: Clean Water, Education, Health, Sponsoring Children Through School, & New Technologies. Most of the Charities activities are in the  100 square miles  around the Warriors’ community, but some are across Kenya.

Medicinebleu Films -

Adventure sport and documentary style photographer/ filmmaker Pat McDonnell has logged more than 15 years shooting in the outdoors, as well as leading Adventure Travel trips in Belize. In 2001, he created Medicinebleu Films, which specializes in documenting the humble ambition of ordinary people around the world who work to make a difference in their communities. Styled as a lo-fi grassroots collective, Medicinebleu Films has taken McDonnell to Nepal, Patagonia, Belize and Ecuador to shoot both stills and live action. Whether he's capturing adventure sports in picture-perfect locations or documenting the enduring human spirit in far-flung regions of the world, McDonnell's DIY mentality helps him thrive in the most impossible landscapes.