Length: 14 Days
Price:  $2,500.00 (flights not included)
Dates: May 27th- June 9th 2017
Lodging: Included (mixture of jungle lodge, bunkhouse and camping)
Meals: All included

Description: This 15-day program prepares medical professionals to work effectively and safely in challenging environments throughout the World. Whether you’re an experienced international provider or it’s your first time traveling abroad this program has a great deal to offer. We want to share our knowledge to prepare individuals to work as effective team members in challenging environments. This program takes the student through the various stages of designing and deploying a medical program; skills that can be applied to Disaster Relief, Crisis Management and Aid Projects throughout the World.

Due to the intense nature of the course, students must already hold a minimum of WILDERNESS EMT and complete a pre-trip SELECTION WEEKEND.  The international EMT class will be open to only 12 students who satisfactorily complete the selection weekend. This counts for CME credit and also proves to be lots of fun!

Selection Weekend:

Location: SOLO Southeast, NOC (Bryson City, NC)

Length:  2 days
Price: $150
Dates: July 9th-10th  and October 8th-9th  (class starts at 8am Saturday and ends at 4pm Sunday)
Lodging: Overnight camping, hammocks provided
Meals: Provided
Description: This course includes the 8hr Expedition Preparedness class, elements of Wilderness survival. There will be a 4hrs hike over rough terrain and basic meals. Students will learn survival essentials and be tested on navigation skills, personal safety and teamwork. There will be water based activities, some at night be able to swim is essential.

Who should participate?

  • Anyone who has thought about volunteering internationally but lacked the experience.
  • Experienced providers who want to start their own international program but don’t know where to start.
  • Pre-med students wanting to gain hands on experience required for medical school.
  • Wilderness medicine students wanting to practice in a truly remote environment.

Course Topics:

  • Program selection - identifying needs and resources
  • Cultural considerations
  • Risk Management strategies in a dynamic environment
  • Emergency evacuation planning and implementation
  • Food and Nutrition – Staying healthy in a resource poor environment
  • Jungle survival skills – what to do when it all goes wrong
  • Using Participatory Rural Appraisal as a data collection tool
  • Strategic planning for successful, sustainable outcomes
  • Constructing lesson plans, workshops & scenarios
  • Learn to build a pit latrine
  • Designing and install solar energy solutions
  • Community placement

International Wilderness EMT - Belize 2017

SOLO Southeast’s Ultimate Wilderness Medicine Course