MedicForce continues to expand with new projects planned in Nepal with old friend Hari Bhandary from Clinic Nepal and a hugely sucessfull CME and Student elective program is pioneered in Belize..
The logisitcs of traveling to Borneo were proving too expensive, a project closer to home was required. Jono rode his motorbike to Belize in search of inspiration and old friends. A wealth of projects and a delapidated clinic was the answer.
A small group of volunteers travel to Belize to rebuild the healthpost in Laguna village and start the healthworker education program. A bigger team returned that summer to continue the training initiative, and every year since.

Following a chance meeting with a group of Maasai performers in 2009 MedicForce partnered with the charity Osiligi to construct and outfit a community healthpost in Kenya. The team return in November

While working with the indigenous people on the TV show "Adrenaline Junky 3" Jono Bryant saw a need for medical aid projects in remote regions and promised to return.
The first of two expeditions to extremely remote regions in Borneo. It was during these expeditions that MedicForce found its identity and the importance of sustainability through education was realized.
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Healthworker Training, Toledo, Belize


Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have access to the most basic healthcare services. Help us change that!

Village Education

Women's Health Education, Toledo, Belize


Recent Projects

Constructing 14 latrines in Machikila, Belize
MedicForce USA volunteers, along with two Belizean project staff, recently traveled to the remote village of Machakilha to construct 14 new latrines, and teach the villagers how to construct latrines for themselves.

Assisting in 215 rural Pap smears in Toledo District, Belize
A team of women MedicForce volunteers, along with Belizean project staff and Hillside Health Care International, succeeded in communicating the importance of Pap smears to hundreds of village women. These women were catalysts to 215 women receiving critical health care screenings.

Assessment of three remote villages in Toledo District, Belize
MedicForce teams of two volunteers each were dispatched to the remote villages of San Benito Poite, Big Falls and Mabil Ha for three days. While they were there, they conducted Primary Rural Assessments of the villages, provided a combined 54 hours of 1:1 training with the community healthworkers, and conducted Community Health Fairs based on the particular village needs found in their assessments.

Providing Women's Health Education in Toledo District, Belize

MedicForce women volunteers designed educational seminars themselves, and with the help of Ketchi translation, then traveled to remote villages to speak with and provide cervical cancer screenings to the women.

'MedicForce strives to be an international leader, working with remote communities to improve healthcare and create sustainable healthcare systems.

MedicForce Milestones