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MedicForce has had a long relationship with Clinic Nepal. Pat McDonald our photographer and videographer, veteran of three Belize expeditions has traveled to Nepal to work with founder Hari Bhandary three times, as has MedicForce advisor Sheila Prynkiewicz-Norris RN.

The projects Clinic Nepal provide are a great fit for our student elective projects, and CME’s. Clinic Nepal can provide the infrastructure for MedicForce whereas we can provide medical students and professionals to train in Country community healthworkers and assist with health-camps. 

Volunteer Spotlight

Pat McDonnell


I worked for Clinic Nepal four different times between 2005 and 2007, visiting mostly in the wintertime, and staying for a few months at a time. I was there to Help Hari Bhandary, its founder, to document his work with photographs and video, and to help document his water projects.

In those years Nepal was crippled by a civil war that all but silenced most major NGO's from the outside world. Two big projects that we worked on, excluding the major water projects, was the recognition of Clinic Nepal as an International Non-Governmental Organization, and the fund raising, and later shipment of over $100,000 worth of medical gear and medicines from MedShare USA. I was lucky enough to document the shipping container arriving and it being disbursed.

Clinic Nepal continues to this day to provide sustainable healthcare to the Tarai region in southern Nepal. Hari Bhandary travels all over the world to find funding partners and healthcare providers, and host doctors, nurses, and teachers from all over the world.

Why Partner with Clinic Nepal?

Current Projects

Message from Hari Bhandari

Understanding how education is linked to better health is still tough for the people of Meghauli to understand. But as those school children that have benefited from Clinic Nepal’s education and kindergarten projects are beginning to grow up, a new generation is beginning to see the bigger, holistic picture. 

Clinic Nepal has two main visions for the future:

  1. Build a general education college and
  2. Build a fully equipped hospital in Meghauli

For now, the primary goal is sustaining and developing what has already been achieved through the continued viability of Clinic Nepal and its many community health projects.

As time goes on it is hoped there will be less dependence on foreign expertise, as Nepalese gain knowledge, expertise and confidence in the areas of education and medicine. Meantime Clinic Nepal still very much needs the help of medical and professional volunteers, sponsors and supporters from around the world. Partnering with MedicForce is a great opportunity to expand our educational program and work further towards sustainable healthcare in the Meghauli region. We look forward to welcoming your volunteers.

Providing good health care in remote rural areas in Nepal is a big challenge. Due to structural, organizational, and probably also political reasons and the lack of financial resources and manpower, the national health care system has never been able to provide sufficient health care to the population in Madi region, located south of Chitwan National Park towards the Indian border. The population is mainly poor Tharu farmers, the infrastructure is very bad, there is no doctor in the region, and the nearest hospitals and private clinics are in Bharatpur, 3 hours drive away. The health care is provided by a number of local health workers with a basic training and the local pharmacists, who is able to do some simple diagnostic tests as blood pressure, urine analysis, and blood sugar. Accordingly, for the majority of the poorest local population it is difficult to obtain good medical care - also due to their lack of money. 

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