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Why not just

provide medicine?


Sustainability means that no outside entities need to keep returning to an area year after year in order to keep improving a situation. The MedicForce philosophy of educating people to do things for themselves is the only way to empower people to develop the confidence and skills to learn to make safer choices for themselves and their families.

The Belize

Rural Healthcare Project

Before the main MedicForce team arrives in country, we send out a small logistics crew to scout the villages and establish contacts within the community. Here is a video of one of these scouting trips, January 2010.

Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have access to the most basic healthcare services. Help us change that!


MedicForce volunteers participate in an adventure-type service trip where they are taken to remote communities in underdeveloped areas. Our volunteers are taught how to create and promote sustainable healthcare systems. Hopefully, those volunteers will someday create their own NGO's. Sustainability is established by empowering local communities through education, infrastructure, support and awareness. MedicForce works internationally ant at home in the USA, focusing on rural communities in remote settings. Project sites are chosen based on needs assesment and recommendations from local partnerships.

When the road runs out,

MedicForce keeps going...