November 19-26, 2016

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Thanksgiving Belize Expedition

Interested in going to Belize?


Did you know that there's no word for "Disability" in the Q'eqchi' Language? This language is a hybrid of spanish and Mayan spoken by the majority of people in southern Belize. This makes it difficult for the widespread and extremely remote people of these regions to communicate their need for assistance. Medicforce has embarked on a long-term project with the Belize Ministry of Education to travel throughout the region performing health checks, collecting information on special needs, teaching basic first aid, and collaborating on ways to address the needs of the people.


Join us this Thanksgiving as our team travels throughout the Southern Toledo District of Belize. During this week we will be traveling through many villages and towns, staying and eating with the people we are helping, and visiting schools, performing heath checks, teaching first aid, and spending time with the people of Belize while we help the Ministry collect information to help them better!

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to GIVE BACK?!?