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Strengthening Communities Through Healthcare Education

Project Spotlight

Community Health Days


Community Health Days focus on educating citizens about preventative measures and healthy habits that lead to a better and longer life.  From the youngest of children to the elderly, healthy lifestyles are essential. Community Health Days have fun, interactive games for the children and general health and  wellness testing for adults. We also teach hands-only CPR. Contact MedicForce for more information, or to schedule a class at your business or organization.

U.S.A. Community Medic

MedicForce is dedicated to promoting free first aid and CPR training to communities throughout the world, but not forgetting the US. Thousands of rural communities exist that are 30 minutes or more from EMS (Emergency Medical Services). It's our goal to provide life saving first aid training, CPR and AED instruction to communities throughout the United States. This pioneering project starts with Western North Carolina.

Medical Training and Homeland Security

Rural communities are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters (tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes) and the ever increasing threat of terrorist related activities. Preparedness is the key.  Advanced First Aid classes are planned for volunteers within the community, together with a comprehensive medical kit including an AED. In the event of an emergency, these individuals will act as first responders until emergency services can be mobilized. These individuals will then work alongside professionals to help in an emergency.

Without CPR, a person experiencing cardiac arrest has only 5 to 6 minutes before irreversible brain damage occurs. CPR can extend the window of opportunity for resuscitation, and using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), within the first five minuets can increase survival rates to as much as 60%. MedicForce offers American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) classes. 

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