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"Just wanted to say thanks for putting on such an incredible trip! It's definitely something I'll recommend to classes below me and keep in mind for the future!"

​- ​Charity Pires - February 2014 Belize

“At the end of the trip, we received a lot of responses from people saying that it was incredible that we gave these women a voice. But a more accurate

representation for what we did, is that we created the space for them to have a voice. We presented them with the opportunity to discuss their health issues, and have them be recognized as issues that can be resolved."

- Blake Whitehead, February 2014 Belize
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“I thought going on my first MedicForce trip was about changing the lives of the people in Belize, what I didn’t count on was how much it was going to change me."

- Shayna Hatcher, 2012-2014 Volunteer