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“I thought going on my first MedicForce trip was about changing the lives of the people in Belize, what I didn’t count on was how much it was going to change me. I felt inspired to learn more, in order to be able to do more for others. Now I’m in Physician Assistant school and I owe a lot of gratitude to MedicForce for helping me realize my dream.”


-Shayna Hatcher, 2012-2014 Volunteer

Here's What Some Of Our Volunteers Have Said...

"Through conversation, and reassurance we were able to offer an explanation for the importance of preventing cervical cancer and other reproductive diseases. Through discussion, and showing genuine interest in connecting to their culture, we instilled trust. And it was this trust and understanding that brought them to decide for themselves to do the exam. And that is entirely what made the difference."

-Blake Whitehead, 2014 Volunteer

"While in Belize with the Women’s Health Initiative, we met a village midwife. She had three years of training to care for her village’s families. Her greatest concern, women were dying because of uncontrolled childbirth bleeding. She knew there was a medicine to help control

this bleeding, but it was unavailable to her. She had the knowledge to prevent some women from dying in childbirth, but not the resources. If we have her needed resources, shouldn’t we be sharing? 

I didn’t know about this need prior to going to Belize, or I would have found a way to have it donated so we could deliver it. Isn’t there something each individual can do to help another?"

-Kit Mackenzie, Nurse Practitioner, 2014 Volunteer